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Wrestling just like all other games or sports obeys rules which constitute the laws of the game and defines its practice, the aim of which is to pin the opponent or to win in terms of the points earned. Nude wrestling is a popular sport in Europe. In Europe a totally naked woman face sits on a naked male wrestler or in other scenarios both the wrestlers are of the same gender either both are male or both are female. However there are various rules that governs nudist wrestlers just like any other games like football. For instance in a nude wrestling like any other wrestling the object of the sport is to put your opponent on his back. If you manage to take down your opponent to the mat and control him you therefor score some points.

1. Illegal holds.
In a nude wrestling match illegal holds are usually penalised despite the fact that both the wrestlers are struggling to earn some points there are several holds that a referee will penalize you for, with or without warnings. There are some other holds that are viewed to be potentially dangerous holds that the referee might make you go of but will not penalize you for. For a nudist wrestler hitting hard on his opponent’s balls while pinned down may be penalized, also holding on the opponents erected penis may also be penalized because the other parts life maybe endangered by the act, although just pining the opponent down may earn you some point hence the act is rewarded and not punished. Note a nudist applying a legal hold shall not be penalized if his adversary turns it into an illegal hold. And whenever possible an illegal move should be prevented by an official rather than penalized.

2. Unnecessary roughness
Any intentional act that is hazardous to an opponent’s physical well-being is considered unnecessary roughness especially in a nudist wrestling whereby both the players are naked hence there are increased chances of direct body contact. For instance in a nude wresting between a male and a female whereby the male opponent may decide to forcefully strike the females breast and because of this hard shoot wrestler falls back in pain and hits her head on the mat , this would be considered unnecessary roughness. However, when the official believes the unnecessary roughness of a nudist wrestler to be totally inexcusable he can indicate offensive misconduct which is an automatic disqualification and score deduction. Normally the violator would be penalized as follows; first offence one point, second offence another point for his rival and the third offence two points for his adversary and fourth offence a disqualification.

3. The takedown
The objective of wrestling is to pin your opponent which involves a takedown to accomplish this goal. In a nudist wrestling like any other wrestling game the nudist wrestlers are bond to heed to the rule of taking down their opponents in order for one to earn some a nudist wrestling a takedown is considered when both the wrestlers are working from a neutral standing position a situation where neither of the wrestler has control. Then a takedown is scored when one of the nudist wrestler gains control over the other, in the process of the takedown the opponents being naked should be cautious not to cause harm to their opponents, this involves taking into account the sensitive parts of the body like the private parts especially for the male nudist wrestlers because one of the party or the person pinned down his penis maybe erected and in the process it be maybe hit as one tries to take the other down the mat. In reference to out of bounds situations, a wrestler can be awarded a takedown as long as he or she adversary is in bounds. Remember that the line around the mat is out of bounce and a takedown can be awarded if the wrestler’s feet are in bounds and touching the mat.

4. The escapes and setbacks
In a nudist wrestling between the two nudist wrestlers there must be one who will take control at the top and referred to as the offensive wrestler, while the wrestler at the bottom is the defensive mat man. Therefore, for a nudist wrestler to secure an escape he must be in a in a neutral position causing his opponent to lose control. During the escape the two nudist either the offensive or the defensive wrestler must be careful on observing the rule of escape and setbacks without causing harm to their opponents .some of the escape tricks include Granby roll-sit out-turn in and stand-up.
On the other hand in a reversal the defensive wrestler may procure a reversal by moving from the bottom position to the top position. Like an escape, reversal can be obtained by crossing the out of bounds line if the wrestlers is in bounds.

5. The Fall
The fall is yet the other rule that all nudist wrestlers must heed whereby the fall is achieved when both shoulders are forced to the mat for a period of some minutes for the one in control of the other to earn some points. However, if the offensive grappler’s shoulders are somehow placed on the mat for some seconds a fall is awarded to the defensive, therefore nudist wrestlers are ought to observe this without offending the other partner i.e. hurting their opponents during the fall process trying to pin them down for instance taking into account that both the wrestlers are naked.
If every nudist wrestler can only follow the above rules, the competition would turn out to be fair to every contestant. It would also make the competition to appear somehow lovely mostly for the beginners who at times tend to fear the kind of roughness seen on stages.

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