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  • I Was Never Nude In Public and This Morning I Did Yoga Naked

    I Was Never Nude In Public and This Morning I Did Yoga Naked
    In order to keep our bodies physically fit, we need to adopt the habit of exercising each and every day. This is because exercise help to keep our bodies healthier and strong, thus reducing disease that come about as a result of us being less active. For my case, to keep my body fit I always practise yoga. Yoga is a physical and mental practise that originated in India and was mostly practised by Hindus. The physical part is meant to keep our bodies fit while the mental aspect is meant to help us meditate, so that we may be able to forget all the worries of life or else when one is stressed. I am a girl and am now twenty years of age. I am a nudist, since I like spending most of the time naked. Over the years, I have always tried to develop that courage most nudist have of walking in the public naked but I have always failed. At our home we are very relaxed about our nakedness since we are all nudist. Am very used to my family member and at time I almost forget that clothes do exist. At home, we just spend most our time naked, we do most of our daily routine for example washing without clothes at all. We are also used to our neighbour who always watch us from their home while[...]
  • Evident Reasons why many People have joined the Nudist Movement Today

    Evident Reasons why many People have joined the Nudist Movement Today
    Nudism is always the act of being naked either in the private such as at home or in the public place like a nudist resort or at the beach. The practise of nudism today is evident that so many people have come out and embrace this lifestyle unlike in the past. You may wonder who is a nudist. What should a nudist do? And many more questions but the truth is that being a nudist does not need anyone to tell you what to do. Most nudists in the world as seen as open minded individuals who know what exactly they want to do in their lives. Nudists are the people who would like to enjoy their freedom of being naked without being sexual as many people may think. Severally people had been relating nudism with sexuality but in the current world the case has changed as people have come to understand what nudism really is unlike the traditionally defined misconceptions. Therefore some of the reasons that have led to this gradual changes as far as nudism is concern includes the following factors that have encouraged many people getting convinced to being nudists.
    1. Sense of Freedom and Liberation.
    The recent statistics have shown that many people have begun practising nud[...]